The X-120 Fury is the ultimate human air superiority aircraft. It is capable of single-handedly destroying any detected UFO. However it will not leave behind any wreckage to recover, and the Fury is extremely expensive to obtain, severely limiting its usage.


The apex of Human adaptation of Alien technology, the Fury is the ultimate interceptor available to the Xenonauts.Based on the mach 3 recon aircraft like the SR 71.  Flying at incredible speeds, it is capable of reaching any point on Earth in under two hours. The Fury uses a Singularity Torpedo as its primary weapon, unlike all other Xenonaut aircraft the Fury will win an engagement 100% of the time, at the cost of preventing any wreckage from being generated. This makes the Fury the ultimate weapon in air superiority. 

However, the Fury suffers from some significant drawbacks which severally limit its potential.

Firstly the Fury is extremely expensive, costing $600,000, 60 Alenium, 60 Alien Alloys and a Singularity Core to construct, of which the Singularity Core can only be found on a captured Battleship. The second drawback is that you would need to down two Battleships to gain a Singularity Core, since the first Core is used for research, and each successive Singularity Core is used to construct a single Fury. The final drawback is that due to the Fury obliterating a target UFO, it can't be used to easily down high class UFOs, and that by the time the Fury is available humanity should have won the air war.

First AppearanceEdit

The X-120 Fury is available once a Singularity Core is researched from a downed Battleship, as well as other successive research requirements.



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