Caught them by surprise!


Dropship (Dropship name) is approaching the UFO. Initial reconnaissance suggests that the alien vessel has landed. It will have a full strength crew, so expect heavy resistance. The primary objective of this mission is to capture extraterrestrial artefacts, so take care when breaching the UFO to avoid destroying valuable technology.

Good luck, commander. Bring your soldiers back alive.


  1. Eliminate all Alien forces.
  2. Capture and hold the UFO for 5 turns.


A UFO Ground Assault occurs when Xenonauts troops arrive to a UFO has Landed. Ground Assault missions are notably more difficult than UFO Crash Recovery missions due to the player having to face a full crew complement, however the Aliens will generally not expect the Xenonauts on these missions, if that is any comfort.

However the rewards of a UFO Ground Assault is that the UFO can be recoverd intact, should the player be careful with explosives. This will net the Xenonauts with a significant amount more of Alien artifacts and resources than what could have been recoverd in a Crash Recovery.