The Aliens are bombing a city!

Unlike the normal Terror Missions , the Aliens can also begin a bombing campaign against a city, with equally devastating results.

In-Game BriefingEdit

Aliens have commenced aerial bombing of [CITY NAME] Local forces request Xenonaut assistance.


A Alien bombing squadron has begun a bombing run against a city, the bomber will be escorted by a pair of fighter craft. This attack run has to be intercepted by a Xenonaut squadrons to put a stop to the bombing run.

If the Xenonauts fail to stop the attack, the city will be destroyed, and the Xenonauts standing with the victim nation will plummet akin to a failed Terror Mission.

Thus, it is imperative that every effort be made to intercept and stop these attack craft as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the actual bombing craft preforms poorly against interceptors, with the main threat being the escort craft. It can be viable to simply just target the bomber and destroy it if you're unable to take down the escort craft. If you succeed in this and shoot down the bomber, once you leave it doesn't matter if the bomber's escorts are still alive, the terror mission will be thwarted and the fighters will escape to space.

Ships UsedEdit

In order of appearance.

Main CraftEdit

Escort CraftEdit

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