Suppression is a very important mechanic in Xenonauts. Most shots and actions that hit enemies or close to enemies will cause some amount of suppression. Most notably, flashbang grenades are specifically designed to cause suppression damage, so as to suppress the enemy. Suppressed aliens will not be able to reaction shoot the rest of the turn they are suppressed, and additionally, they will start with a 50% TU reduction the next turn. Suppressed units also instantly cover down when suppressed, and if they are suppressed on their own turn, all if their remaining TU will be drained for that turn. Reaction fire can potentially suppress if done enough of.

Enemies are successfully suppressed when enough suppression damage has occured to or close to them. This causes it possible to suppress an enemy through a wall by, for example, shooting that wall enough, even though none of the shoots have a possibility of hitting the target. Stronger units require more suppression damage to be done to them.


Suppression Tools Edit

  • All weapons and shots, but most notably Heavy Weapon
  • Grenades (flashbang has most suppression)
  • Explosions, rockets, cars, etc.

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