Explosive alternative to stunning aliens.


Stun Grenades let your soldiers fill an area with a dense cloud of oxygen-depriving stun gas. Unprotected individuals (Xenonauts, locals, or biological aliens) have a chance of falling unconscious whenever they enter or sit in a tile of stun gas. The cloud does tend to disperse fairly quickly.

While stun genades are effective against lower level aliens, more elite units and officers have resistance to stun grenades. Meaning either the target will need to be bombarded with constant waves of stun grenades, or the use of shock batons will have to be employed.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Damage Blast Radius
40 stun (per turn) 3 tiles

Throwing a Stun Grenade requires 50% TUs. If the soldier doesn't have a free hand, an additional 8-TU penalty is added.

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