When a soldier is killed on the battlefield, there is a chance that the soldier will actually survive the battle, assuming their body is recovered.


Once the battle is over, a calculation is preformed on all dead soldiers to determine if they survived their wounds or not. In order for a soldier to be eligible for this the following conditions must be met.

  • Their body must have been recovered, this happens either if the Xenonauts win the battle, or the corpse is on the dropship when the mission is aborted.
  • They must not have suffered below -20 health damage. So if a Soldier with 40hp was hit by a plasma bolt that dealt 70 damage, this would reduce their damage to -30, meaning they are truly dead and have no chance of recovering.

The calculation to determine if a soldier survives is: chance = B + C * HP

represents the soldiers base percentage chance of recovery, which by default is 50. represents how much the percentage value will decrease for every point of health below 0, by default this number is set to 2.5.

So for example, a soldier who was left with only 0 health when they died will have a flat 50% chance of surviving. In contrast a soldier who was down to -20 health when they died will be dead. However if the soldier had -19 health they will have a 2.5% chance of survival.


A soldier who has between 0 to -19 health will have between a 50% to 2.5% chance of surviving. Wearing armor will naturally increase the odds of the user not dying since the armor negates a certain portion of incoming damage.

Of note is that any damage dealt after death does not count towards their survival chance, this includes the soldier in question being bombarded with explosive weapons and being reduced to a pile of gibs.

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