The Scout replaces the Light Scout shortly after the start of the Alien Invasion. This version of the Scout remains in use by the Aliens for a longer period of time, despite this it remains only in use in Alien Research missions. However as the war escalates this UFO is eventually replaced by the Corvette in Research missions.

Scouts remain in usage throughout the entire invasion performing Scouting Missions.


The Scout consists of two rooms, the forward bridge/engine compartment which connects to the main Scout entrance and the rear datacore section. 

The bridge room offers good amounts of cover for the defenders, however its small size leaves the defenders vulnerable to explosive/flashbangs as well as close combat shotguns. The datacore room holds the datacore and is even smaller in size, with very little room to maneuver.

Breaching StrategyEdit

The Scout's small size favours the usage of shotguns, while there is good cover the small size allows shotgunners to nullify cover. Opening the entrance and filling the bridge with flashbangs will be effective in stunning most, if not all, of the defending aliens.

When storming the datacore compartment, be wary of any alien entering the room from the bridge. Aliens may also attempt to retreat back into the bridge.

The datacore room is a small room with little room to move, the biggest risk is moving into the room via the bridge as a alien could open the door to open fire. Liberal usage of flashbangs and shotguns will be effective in clearing out the the rear compartment. There are usually only one or two aliens there.


Statistic Value
Size Small
Max Speed 2,300


Weapon Damage 50
Weapon Range 4,200
Hitpoints 260
Armour 15
Ticker Apperence 150

Alien ComplimentEdit

Rank Caesan Sebillian
Non-Combatant 2 2
Guard 7 8
Soldier - -
Warrior - -
Elite - -
Officer - -
Psion 1 -
Leader - -
Total 10 10

Scouts see the introduction of Ceasan Psions, capable of launching psionic attacks. More Guards are added to the roster and now the Alien crew outnumber the attacking humans.

Mission RolesEdit