Versatile and destructive weapon.


The rocket launcher is a versatile weapon capable of delivering a variety of warheads to distant parts of the battlefield. By far the most powerful anti-tank weapon in the Xenonaut arsenal when loaded with armour-penetrating rockets, the rocket launcher is also extremely effective at wounding infantry and destroying structures when loaded with high explosive rockets. In both cases, the rocket launcher can be used at relatively long ranges and is good for ‘softening up’ the enemy before the rest of the team attack.

Unfortunately, the weapon suffers from the normal penalties associated with heavy weapons – an accuracy penalty if the soldier has moved during the turn, heavy ammunition and significant time cost to fire. Additionally, the rocket launcher must also be reloaded after every shot. Nevertheless, the rocket launcher is an extremely useful weapon due to its flexibility - and it is virtually mandatory if enemy vehicles are likely to be on the field!

Weapon DetailsEdit

The Rocket Launcher needs 60% TUs to fire a Snap shot, or 80% to fire a Normal shot. It further requires 35 TUs to load by clicking on the soldier's Quick Reload slot, or 52 TUs if the player click-and-drags a rocket from the soldier's backpack.

The launcher itself weighs 6 kg, while each reload weighs a whopping 3 kg and takes up a 3x1 space in the soldier's inventory. This means the average soldier will only get away with carrying four to five rockets on their person. Between the high TU costs and the heavy weight, the Rocket Launcher is the most cumbersome weapon in the Xenonaut arsenal.

However the Rocket Launcher makes up for this for being extremely effective in multiple capacities. It deals a large amount of damage to a target area, capable of killing multiple hostiles. It can clear away cover and allow other soldiers to get more clear shots. It is also extremely effective in suppressing targets; even if the target survives the initial blast, it will usually be suppressed by it.

Be wary of firing this weapon nearby other friendly soldiers. A rocket can be inaccurate at the best of times, figure out where exactly the rocket will travel and determine if the chance of it colliding with a obstacle is worth a shot. The last thing you want is for your rocketeer to accidentally blow up the wooden box two tiles in front of him.

Ammo Type Base Damage Damage Variance Suppression Blast Radius
Fragmentation 60 30-90 60 4 tiles


0 n/a 4 tiles


47-122 60 4 tiles
Plasma 125 67-187 60

4 tiles



90-270 60 4 tiles


  • Appears to heavily resemble the Mk153 SMAW rocket launcher, which was not available until 1984 in real life.

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