The first vehicle weapon unlocked via research, the Pulse Laser gives your vehicles the blast radius and alien-vaporizing firepower of the Rocket, coupled with the ammunition capacity of the .30 Cal Machinegun. It is the default weapon on the Scimitar and the Hyperion.

Xenopedia DescriptionEdit

The purpose of the Pulse Laser is to produce a weapon that inflicts the maximum amount of damage possible per shot, creating an extremely powerful laser beam that is able to inflict heavy damage on even well-protected targets at great range.

Aside from scaling the laser emitter up, we have further developed it to produce a beam of oscillating intensity, switching between a high and low power levels thousands of times per second. Rather than sustaining a uniform level of heat, the target suffers repeated "pulses" of intense heat that causes rapid fracturing of the surface material. As the surface material breaks apart and disintegrates this effect becomes even more pronounced, giving the Pulse Laser excellent armour penetration compared to standard lasers.

Vehicles Used OnEdit

Weapon DetailsEdit

Damage Range Ammo Accuracy TU Costs
12 Snap: 40%

Normal: 80%