Psionic powers allow the user to mentally attack an opponent, weakening their resolve, causing them to flee and even to mind control them.

Unlike in the original XCOM, Humans can never use psionic powers to their own benefit, they remain deeply within the realm of the Aliens mind.

Psionic AliensEdit

Individual Aliens are stronger at using psionic powers than others, Psions are relativity weak while Praetors are very efficient.

Psionic AbilitiesEdit

  • Fear - Attempts to reduce the targets bravery, a successful Fear attack can leave the target with low bravery, and vulnerable to panicking.
  • Paralyze - Paralyze drains the units action points, effectively meaning they cannot do anything for one turn.
  • Berserk - Causes the victim to attack a nearby target, will prioritize attacking Aliens but can fire on Xenonauts soldiers or civilians.
  • Dread - A natural effect Preators exhibit, affected units will lose 30 action points. Unlike other powers Dread affect all soldiers in close proximity to a Preator. 
  • Mind Control - Takes control of the affected unit for the duration of the Aliens turn. The unit will remain under the Aliens control during the players turn but will revert to their control once the Aliens turn starts.

Psionic CountermeasuresEdit

The primary defense against psionic attacks is a soldiers bravery stat. The higher this stat is the harder it is for that soldier to be affected by psionic attacks. Unfortunately bravery is the hardest stat to increase, it will only increase if either the soldier fails against a psionic attack, or is rewarded a medal. A good strategy is to prioritize hiring soldiers with a high bravery stat level.

In terms of active defense against psionic attacks, there is little the player can do. Killing aliens and bringing along higher level soldiers will increase all soldiers bravery. Soldiers dying will decrease their bravery. Defending against mind control attacks is even harder to do, the only real defense is at the end of your turn you drop all of your soldiers weapons. This guarantees that if a soldier is mind controlled they cannot start shooting you in the back. But you lose any reaction shots you were positioned for, and re-equipping costs 12 TUs, making this a sub-optimal solution at best.

Ultimately the best defense against psionics is a robust offense. The longer your soldiers are exposed to psionic attacks, the easier it will be for them to be affected. Sadly most psionic users are usually well defended, and are found on a UFOs bridge. Meaning to get to them, you'll have to fight every other alien in-between them.