Standard issue sniper rifle for the Xenonauts. Effective at long range but suffers in close range combat.


The precision rifle is a long-ranged support weapon, accurate out to long ranges and is particularly effective against armored targets. However, the weapon takes a long time to aim and fire and cannot burst fire, making it an inefficient weapon at short ranges (where other weapons would be equally accurate).

On the battlefield, snipers are able to pick off distant enemies without exposing themselves to return fire.  The precision rifle is an an effective tool on open battlefields, allowing Xenonaut strike teams to neutralize aliens without having to stray into range of their superior alien weaponry.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Base Damage Damage Variance Armour Mitigation Range Magsize Weight
35 17-67 10 30 10 7


  • The weapon appears to be a Heckler & Koch MSG90, a military variant of the PSG1 with a larger magazine and an adjustable cheek and butt-plate.