The second researched vehicle weapon, the Plasma Bolt is essentially a straight upgrade to the Pulse Laser.

Xenopedia DescriptionEdit

The Plasma Bolt is a heavy plasma weapon that fires explosive plasma projectiles that inflict severe damage on the target and anything else caught in the blast. It has been used to upgrade our base defence batteries, but can also be mounted on our combat vehicles.

The weapon uses an enhanced version of the plasma generation system used in our infantry plasma weapons, making full use of the space available in a vehicle turret. Every important component has been scaled up to improve the overall power of the weapon, though not all have been resized equally - e.g. we have fitted a disproportionately large Alenium power cell, which boosts the damage of the weapon but also increases ammunition capacity. The resulting projectile is almost twice as large as the one produced by the infantry Plasma Rifle and has far better damage and armour penetration.

Vehicles Used OnEdit

Weapon DetailsEdit

Damage Range Ammo Accuracy TU Costs
12 Snap: 40%

Normal: 80%

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