This drone is a scaled up version of the Light Drone. Although much slower than the light drone, it has more armour and firepower.

In-Game Edit

Medium Drones are essentially a scaled up Light Drone with heavier firepower. However, this version can be considered to be the alien's version of a Xenonaut tank. It mounts a powerful plasma cannon that can devastate a moderate area dealing significant amounts of damage (85 minimum).

These Drones will also explode when destroyed, harming or killing anything nearby.

Medium Drone Disassembly Edit

The Medium Drone is a battlefield drone roughly two meters in diameter. It is the closest thing yet encountered to an alien attack vehicle, possessing heavy armour and a powerful, fast-firing main cannon that is significantly more dangerous than alien infantry weapons. The Medium Drone is best thought of as a miniaturised UFO. We believe the inch-thick armoured shell is fabricated from the same lightweight but durable materials as used in the fighter-class UFOs, predictably far more effective against infantry weapons than the powerful missiles and cannons. There are also striking similarities in terms of flight control circuitry and weapon array that suggest a common ancestor. Other elements appear to have been drawn from the Light Drone, such as the powerful frontal scanner and central Alenium reactor - though naturally both of these have also been significantly enlarged.

The formidable weapon system is worth mentioning for two reasons. Firstly, it generates large amounts of highly-charged plasma and is capable of firing multiple shots in quick succession. Each of these is a powerful explosive in its own right, capable of killing or seriously injuring an armoured soldier. The second reason is that the array stores excess power from the drone's reactor and subsequently uses it to boost rate of fire. This system works perfectly well until the drone is destroyed, at which point any excess energy would be released in the form of a secondary explosion capable of killing or injuring anything nearby.

Additonal InformationEdit

Action Points 65
Resilience 150
Strength 60
Accuracy 50
Reflexes 60
Bravery 100
Psi Capable? No
Psi Power -