A Medipack

The Medipack is a basic bag that holds basic medical supplies, specially designed to treat any kind of expected injury, ranging from plasma burns to bullet wounds. Any unit, with the exception of robotic units, can be healed with a medipack. In order to use a Medipack a soldier must be holding one in their hand, and be standing next to the target to be healed, soldiers can also use Medipacks on themselves with no penalty.


The Medipack has two primary purposes:

  1. To heal injured Xenonaut Soldiers, or heal civilians and local forces.
  2. Revive unconscious units, such as soldiers who were accidentally stunned.

The Medipack holds can heal up to 50 points worth of health.

A soldier who suffers from any damage will only be able to heal half of the damage they sustained, so if a soldier took 20 points worth of damage, a medipack will only be able to heal 10 health. The Medipack heals in increments of 5 hp for 5 action points. So healing 20 damage would consume 20 action points. 

The Medipack is later replaced by the Advanced Medipack if you capture a live Sebillian and analyze it.

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