The Light Scout is the first UFO encountered by Xenonauts, it is very weak and will almost always attempt to flee from Xenonaut Aircraft. However this class of UFO tend to stop appearing by around 10 days, to be replaced by the more standard Scout UFO.


The Light Scout has only a single room, which acts as the Bridge and Engine Room. There is little cover inside the Light Scout.

Breaching StrategyEdit

Due to the Light Scouts small size, breaching this UFO is relatively easy. Simply opening the door and throwing in a Flashbang or two will usually be sufficient in suppressing any Alien inside the UFO, and any suppressing gunfire will usually end up hitting or suppressing any other alien inside. Since the Light Scout lacks any effective cover this means any Aliens inside will be mostly exposed.

However, due to its small size it is not uncommon for an alien to burst out of the UFO and attack any nearby humans preparing to breach. 


Statistic Value
Size Small
Max Speed 1,500


Weapon Damage 30
Weapon Range 5,000
Hitpoints 140
Armour 10
Ticker Apperence 0

Alien ComplimentEdit

Rank Caesan Sebillian
Non-Combatant 2 2
Guard 4 4
Soldier - -
Warrior - -
Elite - -
Officer - -
Psion - -
Leader - -
Total 6 6

Light Scout crews mainly compose of Non-Combatants and Guards, giving Xenonauts a clear advantage.

Guards represent the main threat in this craft.

Mission RolesEdit