Just like most games there are ways around just about anything. Like are you unhappy with how many time units you want or how well your soldier can shot. Then i have some tips for you.

1. Locate where your files are for the game mine are:

(Do the steps in this order)

  • C: Drive
  • Program Files (x86)
  • Steam
  • Steam Apps
  • Common
  • Xenonauts
  • Assets
  • Scroll down till you see GAMECONFIG file and open with notepad
  • While in notepad you can change just about anything you want and please remember what you changed because if you ever want to go back to stock settings you will at least want to write them down.
  • Some things that i have changed are: (Base Build Cost), (Starting Money), ( Recruitment Cost), (Soldier Generation Cost), ( Rank Points so i can rank up my soldiers faster).
  • There are some things that i would not change like (Time settings), (Starting AirCraft)---- because there is no room for more till you build it may cause the game to stop working throw a error.

There is alot of other things i will try in the mean time. and bring them to you guys as soon as i get them. And as always use this at your own risk. i assume no responsablity. thanks and come back soon for more tips!!

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