Drone Ingame

An Alien robotic support unit, they begin to appear alongside corvettes and alien bases and remain a mainstay throughout the invasion. 


The Light Drone is more akin to an alien scouting unit. However, it tends to become more of a dedicated suppression unit.

Its primary weapon is a rapid fire light plasma machine gun. This weapon is extremely weak, dealing less damage than an Alien Plasma Pistol, meaning a soldier wearing even basic armour can survive several hits. However, this weapon has a high suppression value, making it very effective in pinning down soldiers to allow other alien units to move in.

The Light Drone has a good reflex chance, so be wary of approaching one. Since it is a robotic unit, it cannot be suppressed.

However, the Drone is not extremely strong and has only mediocre accuracy.

Light Drone DissasemblyEdit

The Light Drone is a small saucer-shaped drone approximately 140cm wide, with a thruster array mounted on the rear of the saucer and the sensors and weaponry on the front. It is capable of hovering, but is usually sighted skimming the battlefield roughly a metre above the ground. This allows it to move freely over small obstacles or otherwise impassable terrain (such as water.)

Disassembly of recovered wreckage suggests that the heart of the drone is an Alenium reactor no larger than a man's fist. We assume the mass of alien circuitry that surrounds it is, in fact, the drone's electronic brain. The lack of any visible reciever antennase suggests that these units are fully autonomous when operational. An engine array on the rear of the drone provided forward motion, while the hover effect (and probably pitch and roll) is generated by the dozen small thrusters that dot the underside of the drone. The frontal part of the saucer is filled with a powerful scanner that can monitor almost the entire electromagnetic spectrum, giving these drones excellent sight ranges.

The drone is armed with an unusual integrated weapon we have dubbed the "burst cannon". The plasma generation array has been designed to emphasize rate of fire above everything else, allowing it to fire extremely quickly but leaving is underpowered even compared to the Plasma Pistol - a single shot would probably not even kill an unarmoured civilian. As the shell of the drone itself is also not even thick enough to resist sustained small arms fire, I suspect these units are disposable scout units, primarily designed to locate and suppress enemies so the accompanying aliens can deal with them more easily. A support role rather than a hunter-killer role, it seems.

Additonal InformationEdit

Action Points 65
Resilience 80
Strength 30
Accuracy 50
Reflexes 70
Bravery 100
Psi Capable? No
Psi Power -
Valid Ranks
Non-Combatant No
Guard No
Soldier No
Warrior No
Elite No
Officer No
Psion No
Leader No

Gallery Edit

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