The Laser Turret is an upgrade from the conventional Missile Turret and offers a stronger base defence. It is unlocked by researching "Alien Plasma Technology".
Lazer Turret

A picture from the in-game Xenopedia

Xenopedia entry Edit

The purpose of the Pulse Laser is to produce a weapon that inflicts the maximum amount of damage possible per shot, creating an extremely powerful laser beam that is able to inflict heavy damage on even well-protected targets at great range.

Aside from scaling the laser emitter up, we have further developed it to produce a beam of oscillating intensity, switching between a high and low power levels thousands of times per second. Rather than sustaining a uniform level of heat, the target suffers repeated "pulses" of intense heat that causes rapid fracturing of the surface material. As the surface material breaks apart and disintegrates this effect becomes even more pronounced, giving the Pulse Laser excellent armour penetration compared to standard lasers.

We have developed a variant of the weapon small enough to mount on our Hunter scout car that is available for immediate use in the Garage. This is fitted with a battery that holds enough power for 8 shots and should substantially boost the combat effectiveness of the vehicle. We have also used the Pulse Laser to upgrade our base defense batteries. Pulling power directly from the base reactors, they should greatly improve the chances of destroying an attacking extraterrestrial craft before it can unload ground forces. The retrofit is already well underway and should be complete by the time you read this; any future defence batteries we construct will also incorporate laser technology into their design (at least until we develop something better).

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