The Hyperion is a hover tank unit. While not offering any improvements in firepower, it is significantly more durable and faster than the Scimitar. It can be constructed in the Workshop at a cost of 10 Alenium, 16 Alien Alloys, 200 man-days and $180,000.

Xenopedia DescriptionEdit

The Hyperion is a powerful hovertank designed to support Xenonaut strike teams in combat zones. It employs alien antigravity technology to skim roughly a metre above the ground at all times, ignoring normally impassable terrain (such as water).

The Hyperion has significantly better combat performance than the Scimitar tank it replaces. It has greater mobility and can move much faster than its predecessor, but uses hardened alloys to derive increased protection from thinner armour plating. It is inherently more stable as a gun platform than a tracked / wheeled vehicle and has also been fitted with upgraded targeting computers, giving it excellent accuracy at all ranges. Though barely half the size of a modern battle tank, one of these skimmers could easily defeat an entire armoured platoon single-handedly.

The skimming effect is provided by the anti-gravity generator, which reduces the effective weight of the tank to a couple of hundred kilos when active (without it, the Hyperion is a six-ton lump of immobile metal). Vectored thrust is then provided by a small jet turbine, producing the skim effect and allowing the precision maneuvers required to operate the vehicle in confined spaces. The integrated AR-6 reactor requires a large amount of Alenium to construct, but will provide enough power to maintain the anti-gravity field for at least a year. That should be more than enough time to settle this war, one way or another.


Statistic Value
Action Points 100
Hit Points 100
Armour Rating K:90 E:90 I:40 C:100
Front Armour 60
Side Armour 50
Rear Armour 40
Accuracy 60
Reflexes 30
Purchase Cost $180,000
Upkeep $20,000
Buyable No