The Heavy Drone is a scaled-up version of the Medium Drone. It is essentially a heavy assault platform and is the most powerful ground vehicle the aliens can deploy.

In-Game Edit

The Heavy Drone is simply a far superior upgrade to the Medium Drone, as such tactics used to fight Medium Drones still apply to fighting Heavy Drone's. It has double the health of a Medium Drone, a more powerful cannon, and superior armour.

However, it is slightly slower than a medium drone meaning it cannot move as far, as well as having slightly worse reflexes. It is also a bigger target, thus easier to hit.

Heavy Drone Disassembly Edit

A Heavy Drone is a hulking creation the size of a truck, clad in heavy armour and equipped with a monstrous main cannon. It is the most fearsome alien unit yet seen - one must hope that they do not have too many of them. If it is any consolation, I do not believe it physically possible for the aliens to get much tougher than this. There is no question that this report is discussing an alien heavy assault unit. The armour on these beasts is the same stuff as is found on the exterior of alien capital ships, and is extremely difficult to cut in the laboratory (thankfully, your men had already punched a few holes in it). It is present in sufficiently large quantities to force the extraterrestrials to switch to using an anti-gravity emitter to keep it airborne; it is far too heavy to hover using conventional thrusters. Consequently these units are exceptionally difficult to destroy and best tackled with heavy weapons.

The main cannon built onto the drone should be familiar, as you will previously have encountered it as the primary armament of the alien Corvette UFO. Not only is it an eye-wateringly powerful battlefield weapon that inflicts major splash damage around the initial impact point, it also means the Heavy Drone suffers from the same energy-release issues as its predecessor. The increased size of the drone makes the resulting detonation still more spectacular; it will likely kill nearby units outright.

Additional Information Edit

Action Points 65
Resilience 300
Strength 60
Accuracy 50
Reflexes 50
Bravery 100
Psi Capable? No
Psi Power -

Gallery Edit

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