The geoscape is where the strategic part of the war is fought. From here the player manages and builds their bases, maintains Country Funding views the Xenopedia, Intercepts UFO's and sends soldiers out onto missions.

The ViewEdit

The Geoscape view is presented on a 2-D plane of Earth with terrain and locals shown accurately. The map can be zoomed in and out, while zooming in will show a more detailed view of the ground including cities and nation borders. On the map Xenonaut bases, planes, UFO's, Alien Bases, and other important objects and locations are shown.

Map iconsEdit

  • HumanbasebuttonupA Xenonaut Base
  • InterceptorbuttonupA Xenonaut fighter on a mission
  • DropshipbuttonupA Xenonaut transport unit on a mission
  • UfobuttonoverA detected UFO performing a mission
  • Ufobuttonup landedA detected UFO that has landed of its own accord
  • HumancityTbuttonupA site of an Alien Terror Attack in progress
  • AbbuttonupA discovered Alien Base