Grenades are a basic explosive device, available from the start of the invasion.


Frag Grenades are your soldiers' basic source of explosive destruction. While not the most powerful of weapons, they do offer more punch than the basic Ballistic firearms - at the cost of 1 kilogram of carrying weight each. 

Grenades are ineffective in clearing any cover, doing very minimal terrain damage. Their primairy usage is in killing aliens. Since Grenades ignore cover they are very effective in attacking targets that are entrenched, and are capable of hitting multiple targets. Even if the grenade fails to kill a target, it will usually surpress it. However grenades suffer from usually destroying the target, leaving no body to recover or equipment to salvage.

Throwing a Frag Grenade requires 50% TUs. If the soldier doesn't have a free hand, an additional 8-TU penalty is added. Frag Grenades are automatically upgraded to Alenium Grenades for free once Alenium Explosives is researched.

NOTE: Frag grenades (and the upgraded versions) detonate at the end of your turn, before the alien turn begins. In contrast, electroshock grenades detonate immediately (as do stun grenades, but those have an additional gas effect added during the alien turn).

Don't rely on a grenade to outright kill a target by itself, use it in conjunction with other sources of damage.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Base Damage Damage Variance Suppression Mitigation Blast Radius
60 30-90 60 0 1.5 tiles

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