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Designed to disorient aliens, use flashbangs to prevent aliens from returning fire and pinning them where they are.


Flashbangs offer a powerful way of suppressing a single or multiple aliens efficiently. A flashbang applies a significant amount of supression to a target. Flashbangs are seen by many commanders as a vital piece of equipment, they are vital in clearing out entrenched alien positions and UFOs.

When detonated, flashbangs deal a small amount of stun damage, while not enough to stun a target by itself, a heavily wounded/stunned alien might accidently be stunned if a flashbang is used. Flashbangs also cause a small amount of stun damage and regular damage (around 6-14) to Xenonauts hit by the grenade.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Damage Suppression Mitigation Blast Radius
5 stun 100 0 4 tiles

Throwing a Flashbang requires 50% TUs. If the soldier doesn't have a free hand, an additional 8-TU penalty is added.

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