Effective anti-robotic grenade and alternative stunning weapon.


Electroshock Grenades give an interesting combination of damage types. Against biological targets, the burst of electricity gives a significant stunning effect; robots, however, take substantial damage to their internal circuitry. The combination makes Electroshock Grenades both more versatile and safer to use than standard Frag Grenades.

Electroshock grenades also detonate instantly, unlike frag grenades (and the various upgraded versions), which detonate at the end of your turn. This allows you to immediately see whether the target survives the damage, and react appropriately during the rest of your turn.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Damage Damage Varience Suppression Mitigation Blast Radius
50 stun

115 EMP

25-75 stun

57-172 EMP

60 0 2 tiles

Throwing an Electroshock Grenade requires 50% TUs. If the soldier doesn't have a free hand, an additional 8-TU penalty is added.

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