For every bleeding wound a unit is suffering from, they will lose 5 HP every turn. For example. if a soldier is suffering from two bleeding wounds, they will lose 10 HP every turn. Every time a soldier is hit by a weapon, there is a flat 20% chance that they will suffer from a bleeding wound, neither armour nor cover mitigates this percentage chance.

All bleeding wounds can be healed with a Medipack, at least 5 HP must be healed for the bleeding wound to be healed.

Aliens and bleeding woundsEdit

Aliens will never suffer from bleeding wounds, nor will civilians or local forces. Essentially only the players soldiers can suffer from bleeding wounds.

Time to effectEdit

A bleeding wound will immediately remove 5 HP on the start of the players turn. What this means is that in any case where a soldier was reduced to 5 HP or less during the aliens turn, and is suffering from a bleeding wound, they will die once the Player's turn starts. 

However, as of version 1.5, the point at which bleeding takes effect has been changed to the end of the Player's turn, as the Player presses the End Turn button. 

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