Versatile and standard issue weapon of the Xenonauts.



The ballistic rifle is a versatile and effective part of the Xenonaut arsenal. With a generous twenty round magazine and the capacity for both long-range sniping and close-range burst fire, the assault rifle allows a soldier to adapt to changing battlefield conditions and fulfill a variety roles. The cost of this flexibility is that it does not excel at any particular role & suffers from a lack of effectiveness against heavily armored enemies.

Though less specialized than other weapons, the assault rifle is the main weapon of Xenonaut tactical teams as it is impossible to predict how a battle will unfold. Rifle-armed troops are effective in almost all situations and should form the core of all strike teams.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Base Damage Damage Variance Armour Mitigation Range Magsize Weight
30 15-45 0 20 20 5


  • Resembles the M16 rifle commonly used by U.S troops during this era.