Basic sidearm of the Alien forces.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Typically issued to Non Combatants and Psions, the Plasma Pistol will be one of the first encounterd alien weapons. Don't be fooled by its designation as a pistol, it is still very capable of easily killing a soldier in a single shot.

The Plasma Pistol is effective in close range combat, where accuracy and damage falloff are not a problem. However this weapon becomes significantly less effective in mid to long range combat. Non Combatants are typically found inside UFOs or buildings, which plays to this weapons advantage. 

To counter this weapon, avoid fighting against its user in close range combat and draw them into a long range engagement.

Research InformationEdit

The Plasma Pistol is an alien sidearm that is approximately eight inches long and roughly a kilogram in weight. Though it bears some resemblance to a human firearm, it fires a searing bolt of superheated plasma rather than a ballistic projectile. It is a powerful weapon, easily capable of killing an unarmoured man in a single shot. However, our tests suggest the compact size of the weapon renders it fairly inefficient: the plasma bolt loses cohesion and starts to dissipate almost immediately. It is thus most dangerous at short ranges, where a single shot has a good chance of killing one of our soldiers outright. As that range increases, the projectile steadily becomes less accurate and damaging. The lesson here should be clear: fight units equipped with this weapon from as far away as possible. 

Though it would make a fine addition to our arsenal, this weapon has clearly has been designed for alien troops. Anatomical differences between our species make it difficult for a human to wield effectively, so any soldier attempting to use this weapon on the battlefield will suffer severe accuracy penalties when doing so. Sadly, we are also nowhere near understanding or replicating the technology contained within the weapon (recovering more advanced alien weapons may help in that regard). All is not lost, however - running more tests on this weapon should allow us to develop battlefield infantry armour better suited to protecting our men from extraterrestrial energy weapons.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Base Damage Damage Variance Range Clipsize Weight Single Shot
Snap Normal
50 25-75 12 9 2 28% TU 40% TU