Advanced Weapon of the Alien forces.

Research InformationEdit

The Alien Battle Rifle is an alien weapon roughly forty inches long and roughly five kilogrammes in weight. It is a powerful and versatile design, accurate at all ranges and seemingly capable of both individual shots and burst fire - the ultimate extraterrestrial infantry weapon. It is a supreme piece of engineering; the finest example of a plasma weapon we are likely to encounter. Though there is little to differentiate the workings of the Battle Rifle from that of other alien plasma weapons, close inspection reveals incremental improvement in virtually every one of its components. For example, the plasma generation arrays are the same shape, but are impregnated with microscopic network of superconductive filaments that make the entire process almost 20% more efficient.  Another example: every electromagnet has a core of hardened alien alloy that seems to have undergone some form of electron rearrangement. When a current is passed through it, it generates an incredibly strong magnetic field - making these electromagnets three times as powerful as conventional alien ones.   All these incremental manufacturing improvements come together produce a virtually perfect plasma weapon that can project deadly bolts of plasma over great distances with incredible accuracy. Be very, very careful of enemies carrying this weapon, Commander. Not only do they have access to the most fearsome weapon in the extraterrestrial arsenal, they therefore also represent the elite of the alien forces. We could do far, far worse than cloning this design - but we could also do better.  If we can recreate the manufacturing techniques the aliens have used to produce all of their different plasma weapons, we should have enough knowledge to develop an entirely new category of weapons that surpass the limitations of plasma technology.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Damage Range Clipsize Weight
50 14 15 8.5