Devastating close range alien 'shotgun'.

Weapon DetailsEdit

Essentially a alien shotgun. A extremely devastating weapon that will usually outright kill a target. A favourite weapon of Sebillians, due to their preference for close range combat, and Androns, due to their ability to carry very heavy equipment and general resilience. 

Since this weapon is a shotgun, fighting its user at mid to long range will render this weapon useless. Do everything to avoid fighting this weapon in close combat. So long as the user is caught at range, he will be ineffective in combat. However expect its user to attempt to close the range gap.

Research InformationEdit

The alien Assault Plasma is a two-handed alien infantry weapon roughly twenty-eight inches in length and five kilograms in weight. Though it employs a different method of operation, it acts much like a shotgun in effect: it spits multiple "pellets" of deadly plasma at the target. These "pellets" are, of course, nothing of the sort. Each is an individual bolt of plasma fired from one of the weapon's three entirely separate barrels. The device employs a particularly large generation array, which allows all three of the barrels to simultaneously discharge a bolt of plasma that is almost as powerful as the bolt fired by the alien Plasma Rifle.

This makes the weapon highly dangerous at short range: if all three shots strike the same target, it is unlikely to survive the experience. Thankfully, this weapon is inaccurate, has mediocre armour penetration and a very limited range - it does not appear to utilise the standard graviton emitter seen on other alien weapons at all. Tackle enemies wielding this weapon at distance, as it relies on proximity rather than precision.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

Base Damage   Mitigation Damage Variance  Range   Clipsize   Weight   Single Shot
Snap Normal


10 42-122 5 6 8 28% TU 40% TU

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