Alien Air Superiority missions show a shift in the aliens' tactics, as they will dispatch fighter squadrons to aggressively hunt and attack Xenonaut aircraft.

Alien Air Superiority missions are available mid-way through the second month. These missions will occur in areas that Xenonauts have shot down a number of UFOs.


The fighter UFO is the aliens' first attempt at air superiority. It is however no match for a lone condor, even a full squadron of Fighters can be dispatched with a single Condor. However Foxtrot's and Dropships will be vulnerable to Fighters due to the lack of light weaponry and missiles.

Heavy FighterEdit

This is the second fighter you will encounter. It is extremely dangerous to Condors. It is possible for a lone Condor to dispatch a squadron of Heavy Fighters in manual combat, assuming you're good enough. Although on lower difficulties, Condors equipped with Plasma and MAG weaponry don't have a problem shooting down any of the alien interceptors. 


These craft are only encountered late game. The interceptor is extremely fast and powerful making it a threat to corsairs. In order to take it down you will need two or more corsairs or a lone marauder. Although Upgraded with Plasma Weaponry, and much more so MAG weaponry and Fusion warheads, the Auto-resolve chance goes from >70% to 100% respectively, if the battle is a frontal encounter or a xenonauts intercept encounter.