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Interceptor Craft use weaponry as their main way of shooting down UFO's. To accomplish this the Xenonauts have access to a variety of craft weaponry that can be employed to this task. Some of these weapons are available immediately while others need to be researched to obtain.

Initial weapon systemsEdit

Researched weapon systemsEdit

Quick Comparison TableEdit

Armament Damage Range Shots Type
Autocannon 5 3000 80 Cannon
Gatling Laser 10 3500 80 Cannon
Plasma Blaster 15 4000 80 Cannon
MAG-STORM 20 4500 80 Cannon
Sidewinder Missile 200 3000 1 Normal
Alenium Missile 300 3500 1 Normal
Plasma Missile 500 4000 1 Normal
Fusion Missile 750 4500 1 Normal
Avalanche Torpedo 450 7000 1 Heavy
Alenium Torpedo 600 7500 1 Heavy
Plasma Torpedo 900 8000 1 Heavy
Fusion Torpedo 1200 8500 1 Heavy
Singularity Torpedo 10000 16000 1 Superheavy

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